If you know me, you know that I have an unavoidable urge to travel. I love experiencing new places, and learning all there is to know about different cultures and lifestyles. My most recent escapade was to southern California.

My best friend recently moved to Marina Del Rey, and I surprised her by showing up with her mom. She knew her mom was coming to see her, but had no idea I would be there as well! So exciting !!! πŸ™‚

I had been to San Diego previously, as well as Santa Monica, but I fall more in love with that state with each visit. We explored the pier in Santa Monica, walked and biked along the beach, and even played around at Muscle Beach. We also went to Malibu and hiked the Zuma trail, which goes up into the Santa Monica mountains and has an incredible view of the ocean. On our last day, we took a ferry to Catalina Island. There, we spent the entire day taking a golf cart around the island, relaxing by the beach, and eating chips & guac! I would recommend anyone thinking about it to visit both Los Angeles and Catalina Island. You can’t go wrong in California. πŸ™‚

Anyone who has been to California will likely tell you it has somewhat of a dreamlike quality, and that is true. Some of my favorite things about southern California are listed below.

  1. The weather. Yes, I have to say it. Coming from the humid midwest, sunny and dry California definitely has a heaven-like quality about it. No matter how hot it is, it doesn’t feel remotely close to the misery of sticky, humid Missouri. Also, there is a pretty consistent breeze, making the air seem more fresh and less stagnant. It gets chilly as the sun sets, which I love because it’s perfect for summer/fall transition clothes (my fave).
  2. The people. Especially as close to the beach as Santa Monica, the crowd is majority younger aged people. Everyone is lively, active, and happy. I have yet to encounter someone looking sad in a place like that. People in the area are generally friendly, and there is a lot of positive energy. Compared to Missouri, people are more expressive of themselves, and they seem more passionate about life.
  3. The street style. I am a fashion oriented person, and I always pay attention to what people are wearing. Los Angeles is no doubt a hub for the fashion industry, which results in so many trendy people. I love walking on the sidewalks and seeing people dressing with such expression. People are not afraid to be daring when it comes to trying out new trends, and I absolutely admire that.
  4. The character. Yes, Missouri has character, and I do enjoy it as well. But Los Angeles is a world of its own. The buildings, the houses, and even the landscape has such a happy vibe to it. Buildings are colorful, homes are artistic and modern, and overall it has its own aesthetic. Like I mentioned above, people in SoCal are so expressive, and it shows through the individuality of everything you see.
  5. 14135002_1739373249651039_544570665_n
    Brandi and I


    muscle beach – i still got it


    Catalina Island
    hiking in Malibu
    hiking in Malibu
    golf carting around Catalina Island
    Santa Monica Pier
    first night’s sunset

    14212687_1277969098880352_530826138002964163_n14212695_1278460882164507_3870637151203354630_n14212824_1278460762164519_638733101925203451_n14212830_1276524065691522_6126639769689871604_n14222112_1277969068880355_1674915162742867271_n14224922_1278460838831178_4378687978085191547_n14232380_1278460938831168_8934259146339831039_n14233237_1276524142358181_1178091103261746249_n-1Β (if you follow me on instagram, you might have already seen some of these)


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