True Colors

There’s a quote that has come up very frequently in my life that says something along the lines of, “Close your eyes and imagine the very best version of yourself possible. That is the real you.”

I love this quote. I love it because that is the person I see when I look at people. I see the very best version of them I can imagine. The immense potential that lies within every pair of gleaming eyes. The power that each particular individual possesses, whether they know it or not. You may assume this is a good way to see people, and that it is “sweet” that I see the best in others, but I find that it is a quite painful viewpoint.

When I meet you, I see every good thing there is about you. I internally compliment the way you smile, the color of your eyes, or the tone of your voice. I don’t notice the way you only speak of yourself, or the way you look past me instead of into my eyes. I see the passion in your heart for the things that you love, but I don’t notice that I am not one of those things. I love the way you sing your favorite songs, but I don’t notice that you never ask about mine. I hear the sweet words you say to me, but I don’t notice the way you never act accordingly. I love selflessly because of this. I love you because of who you are, and not what you do for me. I see the good in your soul, but I also fail to see that you don’t see my soul at all.

At least, for a while.

When I do finally notice that you have never cared to ask me about my passions, or even simply asked how I am doing, it all hits me. I replay each memory, through changed eyes. I see you differently now.


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