Eyelash Envy ✨

I get questions frequently about what mascara I use, so I thought I’d give a quick list of some of my favorites! (These aren’t in any specific order)

1. Smashbox – Full Exposure:

lately I’ve been hooked on this one! I typically like my mascara to look as natural as I can – I HATE clumps. I’m pretty sure I ended up with this as a result of a sale at Ulta (go figure), but I’m actually pleased with it! It’s one of those that you can go back and add more on without looking like you have four huge eyelashes. I definitely recommend it 🙂

2. Too Faced – Better Than Sex:

So you’ve probably heard of this one, it’s fairly common in makeup tutorials. This mascara for me was great, but definitely goes on thicker and darker than some. It’s great for a more bold look, and it does the job for sure! Like I said earlier, I like my mascara to look fairly natural, and it is possible with this mascara if you’re careful! I recommend this one for those of you who want more dramatic, bold eye looks.

3. Urban Decay – Perversion:

Once again, if you’re a makeup tutorial watcher, you’ve likely seen this one used. It was one of the first “prestige” brand mascaras I tried, and I really like it. It is way more of a natural look, and it separates your lashes really well. You can layer it, but it works better for lash length and separation than it does for thickness. For me, this is great because that’s typically the look I’m going for. 100% love this mascara!

4. Rimmel London – Scandaleyes:

this is a drugstore mascara that is always my go-to! I’ve used it for years, and it’s a good mascara that multitasks. You can use a light coat for a natural look, or go all out for a dramatic eye! Obviously a much more inexpensive option, still with great results. 🙂


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