For the Twenty-Somethings

Today we are pressured and feel obligated to follow certain pathways in order to live a fulfilled life. You know, because if you don’t go to college after high school, you’re wasting time. If you don’t finish college in the desired amount of time, you’re unsuccessful. If you aren’t married in your twenties, you’re forever alone. If you have children but are single, you’ve failed.

What frustrates me most about this aspect of our culture is not only that it is far from true, but that so many small minds fail to see past it. Life should be an individual experience. Not to say that one should live alone, but that it’s a personal experience. One life is not like any other. Every one of us is unique and follows a customized path to our own fulfillment. With that said, there are different levels of “successful”, and no two individuals share an exact idea about what contentment is.

Because I think this way, I don’t judge anyone for their particular journey. I find myself being judged often for choices I make and for the path I’m on at the moment, but I am confident that I will find my own version of success. It is not always easy to own your differences when you feel shamed by society for doing things the “wrong” way. I see many people feeling down about themselves, feeling like failures, just because they aren’t at a certain number of credits in school, or because they’re still single, or because they aren’t completely stable on their own yet.

Being in your twenties is a difficult time. There are some people your age married with children, with degrees and careers, and then there are also some who live with parents. It’s hard not to question your own situation when you see your peers in a completely different one.

Have faith in yourself, in God’s personalized plan for you, and go through the motions. As long as you are actively going after your goals and your dreams, you’ll reach them. It may take longer than expected or desired, but if you’re putting in effort, you’ll find your own success story is easier to write than society leads you to believe.


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