Late Night Thoughts

Life is so weird. I know it sounds so overused and generic, but really think about it. The fact that each of us is a completely unique individual (or at least capable of being this), with our own opinions, feelings, and thoughts is honestly incredible. We all live our lives on our own. Sure, we share certain parts of it with different people, but in reality we’re alone. We handle the depth of our conscious and unconscious thoughts and emotions by ourselves. That is so inspiring to me. To know that no matter who I meet, or how well I think I know someone, there’s always the other side of them that no one knows except for them. It makes life so much more interesting when you think about it that way. It makes you wonder about other people and what they must be going through on the inside. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks about that, but I doubt it. I always wonder about people. Why they act the way they do, or put off the vibe they do. I look for deep rooted things within them, if nothing else just to make life more interesting for me. There are certain people I have met that I wonder specifically whether they think much at all. What a life that would be; a life without thoughts. In some ways I believe it would be relieving, but mostly it seems less than satisfying. I’m awake for no particular reason at 4:02 am, and I’m wondering who else might be experiencing the same feeling of pointless thoughts swirling circles in their minds.


2 thoughts on “Late Night Thoughts

  1. At 4:02 in the morning your thoughts may seem pointless but in this posting and with the light of a new day hardly so. Pondering the yin and yang of our unique individuality is hardly a pointless endeavor.


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