lucid greens

something about green makes me feel alivelike looking up to the sunbrilliantĀ beams of light meet your eyesinhaling deeply the smell of earthwispy blades of vibrant grass brushing bare toesdangerously delicate petals embracing a gentle noseĀ the sound of rippling water and crashing wavesa gift meant to be appreciateda feeling of peace you couldn’t explain if you trieda warmth filling the depth of your souleyes wandering, exploring the life surrounding youyouĀ feel freetake the time to look around you, wherever you arebecause fleeting moments make the best memoriesfeel everything with all your sensesexperience life on a different leveland you will be consistently rewardedallĀ moments are beautiful when you take time to noticeand despite the troubles in your lifeyou can be free

//all photos by me//


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