beanies baby!

My favorite seasons are the transitional ones! The best weather – not too hot, not too cold, and you can layer! Beanies have been major players in my wardrobe this winter, and I’m not quite ready to let them go! Check these out:

I recently began a collaboration with an awesome brand called Soulstice Evolution Co.ย Not only do they have unique products like Soulsleeves, they are founded on a wonderful cause. The brand was launched recently in order to make a difference in preserving our planet. Soulstice aims to preserve a MILLION acres of rainforest by 2023. Theyย  created a program called By One Save an Acre, wherein they help preserve up to an entire acre of endangered rainforest for every item they sell.

Soulstice Evolution Co. also created a unique product they call Soulsleeves, designed for the yoga/fitness industry – a functional, cute accessory. (Another post with more about soulsleeves coming soon!) click here to visit their website, or check out their awesome instagram page @soulsticewear.


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